Our passion to enhance the dog/handler relationship led to the creation of Ranch Dog Inc.

Your desire to connect with us keeps Ranch Dog Inc. evolving!

Ranch Dog Inc. was launched in 2016 with a vision to provide superior, top quality resources to the rapidly growing canine world.


The foundation of Ranch Dog Inc. is built on a strong desire to provide education and tools necessary to establish and maintain a superior dog/handler relationship in a working, competitive or companion environment.


Ranch Dog's partners and team members bring with them decades of experience in varying canine fields.  These individuals include professionals, in their area of expertise, in locations across Western Canada.


Our specialized services focus on an understanding of canine function in relation to handler and environment. With specific emphasis and expertise related, but not exclusive, to the working stock dog we strive to provide educational services and resources to all levels of handlers in regard to breeding, raising, training, nutrition and general care.


Each premium product in our store has been included as the result of our own experience with difficulty accessing it elsewhere. Every item is either used by us or by one of our team members.


Ranch Dog Inc. operates from our headquarters at Rafter V Ranch in central Saskatchewan.


We invite you to have a look through our website at the services and products we offer.